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Canadian Artists Series 2014-2015

Canadian Artists Series 2013-2014

The Jugment of Paris

written by Tom Allen
featuring music by Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel
with songs by Bryce Kulak, Tom Allen, Kevin Fox & Patricia O'Callaghan

Les Voix Humaines – Consort of viols

Margaret Little, Mélisande Corriveau, Felix Deak, Susie Napper – violas da gamba

Suzie Leblanc - soprano

Young Artists’ Recital

Laura Jin – clarinet
Mary Elizabeth Rose – violin
Julia Surette - soprano
North Park Wind Ensemble–under the direction of Sean Colwell

Adam Sherkin - piano

Canadian Artists Series 2012-2013

Alcan Quartet

Laura Andriani & Nathalie Camus – violin
Luc Beauchemin – viola
David Ells - cello

Joel Hastings

Young Artists’ Recital

Silas Chinsen - classical guitar

Abigail Davis - violin

Elizabeth Zuwala - soprano

Pauline Johnson Choir

The Nathaniel Dett Chorale

under the direction of Brainerd Blyden-Taylor

Canadian Artists Series 2011-2012

Diana Dumlavwalla- piano

José Hernández – tenor, piano

Iréna Hernández - soprano

Young Artists’ Recital

Aaron Haydon – flute

Emma Morrison – violin

Ellen Vollebregt – piano

Harmony Squared

BCI Barbershop Quartet- "Here Comes Treble"

Project Aria

Guy Few – trumpet, corno, piano
Leslie Fagan – soprano
Stephanie Mara - piano

Canadian Artists Series 2010-2011

Trio D’Argento

Sibylle Marquardt - flute
Peter Stoll - clarinet
Kathryn Tremills - piano

Kruspe Family Players

Cathie Goldberg - violin
Emily Kruspe – violin, viola
Jamie Kruspe – violin
John Kruspe - piano

Young Artists’ Recital

Rebecca Orsini - piano

Emily Pynenburg - Musical Theatre

Julia Stefan – Classical Voice
and Classical Fusion

Darrett Zusko - piano

Canadian Artists Series 2009-2010

Ensemble Made in Canada

Judy Kang – violin
Sharon Wei St. John – violin
Rachel Mercer – cello
Angela Park - piano

The Schumann Letters

Susan Gilmour Bailey – soprano
Michael Kim – piano
Colin Fox – narrator

Young Artists’ Recital

Evan Campbell – classical guitar

Emilee-Mae Feely – piano

Jenna Sabolsky - violin

Shoko Inoue

Canadian Artists Series 2008-2009

Hannaford Street Silver Band

Kaori Yamagami, Cello

Young Artists’ Recital

Brantford Collegiate Concert Band - Under the direction of Shawn Oakes and Roger Winter

Bryn Blackwood - Piano

'Classical Fusion'
from the Hernandez Voice Studio

Amabile Young Women's Emsemble

Canadian Artists Series 2007-2008

Mary Lou Fallis - soprano

Peter Tiefenbach - accompanist

Joel Hastings – piano

Young Artists’ Recital

Lydia Lane-Smith, Lindsay Hamilton : piano - four hands
Brieonna Locche - Musical Theatre
Laila Haight - violin
Natalie and Samantha Colaiacovo : piano - four hands

Quartetto Gelato

Peter DeSotto - tenor, violin, mandolin
Alexander Sevastian - accordian, piano, bandoneon
Kornel Wolnak - clarinet
Carina Reeves - cello

Canadian Artists Series 2006-2007

Triple Forte

Yegor Dyachkov – Cello
David Jalbert – Piano
Jasper Wood – Violin

Lucille Chung

Young Artists’ Recital

Kamern Ku, piano

Eslin McKay, violin

Jacqueline Day, soprano

Brantford Children's Chorus

The Nathaniel Dett Chorale

Canadian Artists Series 2005-2006

Joe Trio

Charles Inkman – Cello
Allen Stiles – Piano
Cameron Wilson – Violin

Bellows & Brass

Guy Few – Trumpet and Piano
Alain Trudel – Trombone
Joseph Petric – Accordian

Young Artists’ Recital

Royce Collins - Piano

Katie Finch - Cello

Zoe Langton - Voice

Cathy Yang - Piano

Poulenc Ensemble

Leslie De’Ath–Piano
James Mason–Oboe
James McKay-Bassoon

Canadian Artists Series 2004-2005

Borealis String Quartet

Patricia Shih - violin
Yuel Yawney - violin
Nikita Pagrebnoy - viola
Joel Stobbe - cello

Measha Brueggergosman, Soprano

Young Artists’ Recital

Rebecca Harrison - voice
Nora Fueten, Accompanist

Iain McKay - violin
Accompanist: Deborah Welbanks

Maggie Morrison - piano

Jane Coop, Piano and Andrew Dawes, Violin

Canadian Artists Series 2003-2004

!I Profundi!, Piano Quartet

Roman Borys - Cellist

Erika Raum-violin

Scott St. John-viola

Lydia Wong- piano

Young Artists’ Recital

Lucy-Ana Gaston, Violinist

Candice Leung - Piano

Woodman Senior Chime Choir
Members: Jaime Town, Ashley Wagnaar,Chelsea Biggs, Julianne Kwan, Victoria Hall, Emily Place, Tanya Nagle, Terri Nagle, Samantha Jennings, Nicole Goodbrand, Caleigh Backway, Emily Backway, Janet Murray, Emily Murray, Danielle Cudmore, Kelly Dinh, Zun Pwint, Samantha Pozzo, Robin Minshall, Brittany Hunt, Sarah Logan

Mark Dubois - tenor & David Warrack - piano

Mark DuBois

David Warrack

Canadian Artists Series 2002-2003 : The Centenary Gala
Hosted by Mary Lou Fallis


Special Guest: Maureen Forrester

Our major sponsors for this season are TD Canada Trust, S C Johnson and the City of Brantford through the Brantford Community Foundation.

The Gala features many high quality musical artists:

Cathy Erskine, clarinet

Erica Goodman, harp

José Hernàndez, tenor/piano

John Kruspe, piano (Appearance canceled due to injury)

Jennifer Langton, flute

Doug PerryDoug Perry, viola
and Susan Platts,mezzo-saprono

Alexander Seredenko, piano

Irena Seyarto, soprano

Zimrah - a string quartet with violinists

Senja Hawken,
Tegan Ceschi-Smith,
Sarah Davidson-Gurney and
Kenin McKay

Reception followed, catered by Devlin's Country Bistro

André Laplante, Pianist

Young Artists’ Recital

Brant Suzuki String School
Musical Director - Virginia Little
Brant Suzuki String Performers:
Violin- Alexandria Arva, Emily Arva, Olivia Arva, Peter Bak, Abigail Davis, Megan Davis, Christina Deaville, Rachael Derbyshire, Erika Gardiner, Daniel Gardiner, Andrew Haight, Laila Haight, Mattie Haley, Melissa Haley, Melanie Haley, Sydney Hall, Anne Hawthorn, Nigel Hull, Emilie Lavoie, Gabrielle Lavoie, Mikavia Martorano, Eslin McKay, Iain McKay, Morgan McKay, Robert McMillan, Logan Money, Megan Moore, Sarah Murray, Suzannah Murray, Sarah Robinson, Mary Elizabeth Rose, Jenna Sabolsky, Caitlyn Stefan and Julia Stefan
Viola/Percussion-Ben McMillan, April Vande Leygraaf
Cello -Andrew Deaville
Piano-Deborah Welbanks

Paul Digout - piano

Stephanie Ruoho - piano

Musical Theatre Students from Hernàndez Voice Studio

The Gryphon Trio

Annalee Patipatanakoon - violin
Roman Borys - cello
Jamie Parker - piano

Young Artists’ Recitals

Julie Collins-piano
Sarah Davidson-Gurney - violin
Adriana Verdonk-soprano

Tegan Ceschi-Smith - violin
Steven Glowala-piano
Bonnie Henderson-clarinet
Lindsay Mew-soprano

Chantal Lee-piano
Lynsey Makkreel-soprano
Kenin McKay-violin
Shawn Oakes-tenor

Ian Beard-trumpet
Diana Dumlavwalla-piano
Senja Hawkin -violin
Katherine Roess-clarinet

Ania Dabrowski-piano
Grayce Glowala-piano
Melissa Jarrett-mezzo soprano
Zimrah String Quartet

Ania Dabrowski-piano
Diana Dumlavwalla-soprano
Marta Pociecha -piano

Brant County Youth Singers
Kim Shippy-flute
Randy Lee-violin

B.C.I. Jazz Choir
Fred de Haan-piano
John Hessels -baritone