Young Artists’ Recital

Katie Cox - soprano
Avery Kadish - musical theatre
Paige Zimmel - piano
Brant Suzuki String School - under the direction of Virginia Little

Friday, February 13, 2015

Katie Cox – soprano

Vocal Study: 2001-present

Katie is currently a Grade 12 student who has been given early acceptance at Liberty University in their Bachelor of Vocal Performance programme. Since 2008 when she began studying voice with José and Iréna Hernández, Katie has blossomed into the beautifully accomplished soprano you see before you. She has competed in the Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival since her studies began, winning numerous awards. She has represented the BKMF at the Provincial level and was chosen to perform with the Brantford Symphony Orchestra this past October. Her talents extend to the musical theatre genre as well, having performed in Guy and Dolls (Sarah), Back to the 80’s (Tiffany), and A Man for all Seasons. Katie is delighted to perform on the Sanderson Centre stage tonight for the Brantford Music Club’s Young Artists Series. She hopes that you enjoy her performance!

Quia Respexit - J. S. Bach
Papageno, Papagena - W. A. Mozart
Per la Gloria d'adorarvi - G. B. Bononcini
Hello! Oh, Margaret, it’s you! - G. C. Menotti
Italian Street Song - Victor Herbert

Avery Kadish – musical theatre

An aspiring triple threat, Avery has acted in various film, television and animation projects for the likes of Spielberg, Dreamworks and even in the Disney animated TV series, ‘Ella The Elephant’, as the voice of “Tiki”, one of its lead characters.
Avery has also performed on many stages across Canada in various musicals such as White Christmas, Scrooge the Musical and Annie. In 2013 she performed a three-month run at the Dunfield Theatre Cambridge and Huron Country Playhouse as Jane Banks in Drayton Entertainments production of Mary Poppins. In the Spring of 2014, she reprised her role as Jane Banks out in Halifax for 3 months at the Neptune theatre in their production of the same musical.
One of Avery’s greatest passions is singing. She has garnered various awards, including the winner of the recent 2014 Rise2Fame Talent Search in London, Ontario. Avery is currently under the direction of the Hernandez Voice Studio in Brantford. She volunteer’s her time singing for local service groups and sports organizations, at various other events across the province and has sung numerous times on the local Sanderson Centre stage. Along with musical theatre, Avery likes to perform jazz and has sung at various jazz festivals and even in New York at both the Metropolitan Room and the famous Birdland Jazz Clubs. She’s presently working on her debut album.
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Collaborative pianist – José Hernández

Coffee in a Cardboard Cup – “70, Girls, 70” - John Kander (1927 - )
Quiet – “Matilda” - Tim Minchin (1975 - )
Pulled – “Addams Family” - Andrew Lippa (1964 - )
Astonishing – “Little Women” - Jason Howland (1971 - )
Disneyland – “Smile” - Marvin Hamlish (1944 – 1912)

Paige Zimmel – piano

Paige has been playing piano since she was 5 years old and is currently studying with Naomi Morrison of St. George. She has played in many music festivals and is consistently recognized, by the adjudicators, with several trophies and scholarships. In 2013, she was the recipient of the Lions Cup at the Norfolk Musical Arts Festival. In May 2014, Paige was awarded the W. Ross Macdonald Trophy for Associate Piano at the Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival. She completed her Grade 10 piano exam in June of 2014 and is currently working towards her ARCT exam this summer.
Paige is currently a Grade 12 honour roll student at St John's College in Brantford. She plays the flute in the St John's Concert Band and hopes to study the sciences when she attends university next year. In addition to music, Paige enjoys traveling and practising her French language skills, when she has the opportunity.

Étude in A flat Major, Op. 25, No. 1 - Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
Nocturne in D flat Major, Op. 27, No. 2 - Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
Fastforward - Alexina Louie (1949)

Brant Suzuki String School

The Brant Suzuki String School (BSSS) was started in 1988 by Virginia Little in response to the growing interest in the Suzuki-style violin lessons she had been teaching since 1981. Having taught privately since 1974, it soon became apparent to Virginia that the Suzuki Method had benefits that reach far beyond musical ability.
After World War II, the Suzuki music-teaching method was developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and is based on the ease by which children learn their native language. In the supportive environment fostered by this method children learn to enjoy music. While learning their instrument, they also develop confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and concentration. The BSSS currently has programs for violin, viola, and cello as well as an early childhood education program for children from 0-3 years of age. Students have the opportunity to study music theory, prepare for and take Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, and develop their orchestral skills in the Little String Orchestra (which was started in 1977 by Virginia Little).
Our accompanist tonight is Deborah Welbanks. She has been expertly accompanying the students of the BSSS for 25 years. She also maintains a thriving Suzuki Piano teaching studio here in Brantford. Virginia Little would like to acknowledge the current teaching staff of the BSSS: Taryn Chaykowski, Laila Haight, Tina Labanowicz and April Van deLeygraaf. Their hard work is evident on the stage here tonight.

Director – Virginia Little

Ava Arva, Mya Arva, Sofia Arva, Olivia Arva, Harris Barnard-Davidson, Fiona Bectold, Courtney Bell, Lianna Bethune, Callie Butler, Maggie Butler, Allie Ciommo, Myah Ciommo, Sophie Ciommo, Natalie Cross, Nolan Cross (page-turner), Emma Csordas, Matthew Csordas, Scott Csordas, Ben Davis, Charlie Davis, Eliza Davis, Jacob Davis, Jillian Davis, Aaron de Boer, Gavin de Boer, Brannek Cicci, Ethan de Dominicis, Stefen de Dominicis, Danielle Dinyer, Olivia Dinyer, Cecilia Eivers, Lina Elsaadi, Ella Fazakas, Annalise Gadsby, Katherine Graham, Declan Joseph, Sydney Keenan, Ezra Larson, Olive Larson, Kelly Mantel, Peggy Mantel, Rachel Mastervick, Alexandra McConkey, Tiana Peeler, Shasta Ritchie, Evelyn Robinson, Shea Ruuska, Bella Schuit, Judah Schuit, Natalia Sciberras, Danielle Schuyler, Olivia Schuyler, Wesley Schuyler, Fletcher Simmons, Rowan Spriel, Emma Storjohann, Marcus Storjohann, Max Storjohann, Hannah Sweeney, Kiana Teal, Tymon Vandersar, Annika Wahtras, Joshua Wahtras, Olivia Woodley, Tatyana Zebroski.

Fandango - Michael McLean
Romance - D. Shostakovich
Concerto in A Minor, Op. #3 No. 6 - 1st mvt. - A. Vivaldi
Humoresque - A. Dvorak (narrator Cecilia Eivers)
Gavotte from “Mignon” - A. Thomas
Millionaire’s Hoedown - H. Clebanoff
Waltz - J. Brahms
The Happy Farmer - R. Schumann
Minuet No. 2 - J.S. Bach
Allegro - S. Suzuki (solo Fletcher Simmons)
O Come Little Children - Folk Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody - Folk Song
Lightly Row - Folk Song
Cross Lake Blues - Joanne Martin
Wintertime in Russia - Joanne Martin
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variations - arr. by Shinichi Suzuki and Barbara Barber