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Around the turn of the last century, Women's Musical Clubs became the fashion of the day and the women of Brantford were not to be outdone by their counterparts in larger cities. In 1900, Mr. Judson Smith established his music store and this proved to be a convenient location for a small group of women to meet. The actual date of their first meeting remains obscure but by the winter of 1902-03, they were coming to the music store regularly to play and sing for one another's pleasure. Thus began, what has now become The Brantford Music Club, which, we believe is the second oldest musical organization of its type in Canada.

In the early years, the Women's Musical Club of Brantford met once or twice a month presenting varied musical programmes of song, piano, violin and educational papers, prepared by members, on various musical topics. Visits, consisting of lunch and entertainment were often arranged with clubs in other cities. Associate membership fees in 1905 were $1.00/year and $0.25 for active members and hall rental was $1.00 per night.

Following World War 1, the musical endeavours of the members gathered momentum and many famous out-of-town musicians were heard in concert. Some of these concerts were held in local churches, but the The Collegiate Assembly Hall ( now the Brantford Collegiate auditorium) became the most popular location.

Over the years, the Women's Musical Club of Brantford continued to evolve- changing its name, inviting men to be members, reducing the number of concerts - but many elements have remained constant. The same love of music and the desire to bring that music to the people of the community still exists. Maintaining a tradition, a complimentary reception is held after each concert to provide an opportunity for audience members to relax, discuss the programme and meet with the artists.